Mini Harlequin Review Guide

Harlequin Themes Categories

  • Forced Marriage - When marriage is forced from outside influences or reasons
  • Unrequited Love - When hero or heroine is in love with the other for duration of the book, and it's not returned (or seems not to be.) Example is when they think they're in love with someone else instead.
  • Sheikh 
  • Marriage of Convenience - Marrying for a convenient reason, a marriage contract, where love blooms.
  •  Early Pregnancy - Pregnancy is a factor for marriage or getting together
  •  Already have a child - Heroine or hero starts with a child before they meet, or else a hidden pregnancy from before
  • Plain Jane - Heroine is not drop-dead gorgeous
  • Revenge - Hero or heroine start the book seeking revenge on the other
  • Love turned to hate - Hero or Heroine previously loved each other (at least one sided), and this turns to hate before love again.
  • Start out ex's - Divorce stories where couples come back together, including previous lovers/dating partners
  • In the Family - Long-distance cousins, etc.
  • Wealthy Heroes - Hero is wealthy, powerful, domineering
  • Boss/Employee - Hero is boss and heroine is employee
  • Foreign Hero - Hero is from another country and either in the heroines country or she in his
  • Controlling - Hero is a bit of a control freak
  • Steamy/Erotica - Steamy sex earlier in the book, at least by mid point

Harlequin Ratings

THIS is why Harlequins and Romance stay so popular!
Unforgettable, read it as soon as you can find it
Great Romance with plenty going for it
Better than average, worth a few hours
Worth reading if you own it, good story
Read if you have nothing else on the TBR pile
Not worth the time, only complete if trying to finish a collection of the author
Horrible book, don't read under any circumstances
Can't believe this was even published!