MM - December 26th

I haven't done many MM this month, have been saving money for Christmas. My son, who I've ALWAYS tried to get into reading but never really succeeded, has shown recent interest in the Goosebumps series by RL Stine. When I was a kid I used to read the Fear Street series all the time. We've gotten some of the older Goosebump TV shows and have been watching them together, and he's been telling me about the books he's been reading.

One of my shining moments with him was when we watched an episode from one of the books, and he just shook his head at the end and said, "The book was better!"  Yes, we all know the feeling with that one...

Anyway, the week before Christmas I thought of getting him some surprise books for additional presents under the tree. I figured to wrap them individually and such so that when he opened each one, he'd be happy and surprised. I figured this would be more exciting than bundling all the books together. I know I would have loved that as a kid...when I was younger one of my most remembered, fond gifts was when my mother got me a box of books for Christmas from a garage sale for five bucks. There were at least sixty books in there it seems and they were great ones. Ah, memories...

Anyway, it didn't go as planned. I got to the used bookstore and picked up a few goosebumps, and then found similar types that weren't Goosebumps but were for the same age group/genre. Also, I was delighted to find the Cirque De Freak books! He liked the movie and I always wanted to read them myself as well. The covers I found for the first two were really neat too, paid more for these covers than the others they had.

Christmas tree (it's small, I know!)...Those little blue packages are books. I spread them out amongst other gifts.

His reaction when unwrapping any of the books?

Can you guess from this excited, smiling face?

Err, yeah. He was NOT happy!

Apparently my newest, wicked plot of getting him more into reading - backfired. He now doesn't want to read any Goosebumps or watch the show even, and didn't show interest in any of them. He did cheer up when I surprised him with an Xbox 360 though, go figure :/

Oh, well, at least we have the books for me to read and keep bugging him about for years to come:

And come on, these are cute, right??

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