Are our animals really out to get our books?

Call me paranoid, but I must wonder, especially when I stumble upon what looks to be a coordinated scheme. Now, whether you have ever owned a house rabbit or not, it does not take much thought to figure that books and bunnies don't mix well. The little munchers may PRETEND to be curious about what you're reading, but in actuality they are just biding their time, plotting their eventual pounce.

Let's now examine book-villain number 2, a kitten. A sweet, cuddly, cute, and harmless looking feline eager to wiggle its way into ones heart. While the furry companion is sweet at times, therein lies a hidden, darker side, one which enjoys pawing pages of the books as you try to turn them, one who enjoys hiding on bookshelves that are empty to jab at your hand when you're trying to organize, and who randomly creates utter chaos in almost every other area of the house on a regular basis.

Clearly the only way to protect the books is to keep the rabbit away from them. The kitten may not do much damage to the books as long as you are not reading them. It becomes clear after awhile that a kittens interest in destroying personal property and dreams is only really piqued if it's something you're showing interest in or something you seem to care about at that time. 

Being a soft-hearted soul, I have given Kirby the lop-earred bunny his own space. In the bedroom bathroom  he has his cage he uses for his litter-box, and he otherwise flops around at leisure in these enclosed quarters. When he is let out to play in other rooms, it is made sure that he is kept out of the "book room."

How then could sweet Kirby damage the cover of my beloved Death of Superman, you ask? Since he is in his own private bathroom with the door closed, and since he cannot open doors, and of course since I would not leave said book in would think it wouldn't be possible for his teeth to mar the prized possession?

Wrong, sadly. I have built myself a false safety net, one which has been viciously yanked from under me.

I have been reorganizing my bookshelves and had all my comics and superhero hardcovers together on the nightstand in the bedroom. The other day I went into the room and kept hearing a bizarre noise from the bathroom. Hmmm, I think. Well, I go to investigate and to my annoyance see all the comics and hardcovers on the floor. They would not have fallen by themselves, but the kitten does gather amazing delight in knocking everything possible off every surface. This week alone he is the guilty co-conspirator with the book,  has broken a glass picture frame in the kitchen, three small designed plates from another table, and my computer mouse.

Now, just knocking off a book shouldn't harm it.  But wait, what's that munching sound??? :(

Apparently the kitten, villain #2, has knocked the books off onto the floor, allowing Kirby, villain #1, to somehow miraculously tug a corner of the book from under the door into his enclosed lair. It's hard to figure out how this is possible ---- either there was enough for the bunny to drag it under the door (this is a thick book too!), or else the kitten kept pawing the book into the doors general direction.

Sadly the books cover is not pristine any longer :(  This almost creates a paranoia about them working together somehow.....