Why I Love Wednesdays: January 25th

Why I love Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by the fun blog, Reflections of a Bookaholic. It's a mid-week meme focusing on something loved about books or bookish. I do a lot of memes already that are general questions, but some of these themes and prompts are a bit different so thought it looked fun!

Types of Endings

Why I love...Resolved Endings!

I prefer happy but realistic endings. However, this isn't always the case ~ sometimes bad or depressing endings must happen. No matter, as long as everything is RESOLVED. I love series too, but this doesn't mean I like cliffhangers (in fact, I loathe them and find them to be cheap gimmicks better reserved for TV shows...) You can have a series where you're dying to see what happens next with the main plot settled and the book officially complete. No one enjoys a book either where it's a mystery or something, and the ending gets rushed or there are loose threads that you keep wondering about.