Booky Gifts I received for my Birthday this year

Finally I received some birthday presents that were book orientated this year! Such a nice surprise and some rather cool, unique stuff I just adore.

Ignore the obvious signs that I need to clean surfaces!

From my mother - a book safe! How cool is this?

 From Melissa, aren't these adorable?

 Ugh - glare! It's a Harlequin Postcard set she got at a bookshop in Orlando. How I'd love to go there! I checked their website and they sell these there as well, but it would be much more satisfying picking them out in person. Speaks to retro fan inside me, plus I always loved Harlequin covers.

I.CANNOT.GET.RID.OF.THIS.BLASTED.GLARE.! Some closeups of three of the postcards. There's 3- each. I just love these things.

Also from Harlequin that she picked up from the same store - an awesome (really, this IS awesome), notebook.

And, not book-related, but she's known for getting me my beloved Creature and Universal monster gifts.