MM - February 5th

I borrowed a book from my friend/co-worker to kill time at work, something cute and small called, seriously, "Stuff on my Cat: The Book".

It mainly had pictures...

I did make a trip on the way home from my sons school to the local used bookstore. He actually didn't complain about going with me - yay! Picked him up a book and found an old-school Blume for me:

I've ALWAYS wanted to read Wifey by Judy Blume! I was a big fan of hers growing up and know of this book then but could never find it. Was delighted to finally find it. Gage and I are big fans of the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series, so this do it yourself book looked cool. It actually is pretty indepth, detailed, with a wide variety of things to keep one occupied and not just a simple cash cow. He's been into the old game of MASH with his friends lately, so we were really happy to find some MASH stuff in here to do in the car on the rest of the ride home.  He had fun reading me some of the jokes and showing me the rest of his find.

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