Chick with a Charm by Vicki Lewis Thompson

(Babes on Brooms, #2)
Paranormal Romance

From the New York Times bestselling author of Blonde with a Wand--another charming tale of love and witchcraft

Lily Revere is free-spirited and fun-loving-two dangerous qualities in a witch. Lily needs a date for her sister Anica's engagement party, and she's determined to bring hot Griffin Taylor. But the jaded divorce lawyer claims his job has warned him off romance. Slipping a love elixir into Griffin's drink may not be the noble thing to do-but it sure works! There's just one problem: Are Griffin's feelings the result of some truly good witchcraft-or could he really be in love?

Yes, I admit it, the cover initially drew me. I mean, how cute is this really? Wow, adorable. I was lucky enough to grab both this and it's prequel. For some odd reason I thought the first was the third, so read this first, but it turned out being the second. Haven't read the other one yet.

It's a cute and fun Paranormal romance but it does have it's downfalls. It was hard to get attached to this book for its first half because, while the writing style was both quirky and fun, there was too much pointless sex. I didn't know the characters long enough to invest excitement in their bedroom play...and too much sex without enough story and action becomes dull fast! Seriously, it was filled with page after page of them lusting after each other, having sex, wanting to  have sex and being interrupted, planning to have sex, talking about sex, it got dull. Even some of the writing during the erotica scenes was just groan-inducing.

When the second half rolled about it finally started having other things happening, and I got to understand the characters more and actually care. Don't get me wrong, they were always likeable with their humor and the writing style helping, it just needed more to keep it going at first. It took me quite awhile to read this one because of this.

The bar setting was fun and felt realistic, and I really dug her parents and the cop friends. They added endearing, amusing touches the story needs. The dog was awesome as well. 

When the actual story started, it had saving graces of being genuinely amusing, cute without sappiness, a unique formula plot-wise, and a genuinely "magical" happy ending. When it was over and done with I felt great for having read it, even if during the first part it was too easy to put down and forget. 

Writing style-wise, the author is great, so I will keep trying more of her stuff.

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