MM - March 26th

Another big week for books, but not only that, a very exciting discovery.

Best friend and I hit a used bookstore and picked up some goodies, nothing huge but some fun stuff.

Then the next day my fiance and I went to lunch and found some used books at the restaurant itself - geez, what a nice surprise, at a restaurant no less - where I picked up two more used books. Actually the entire day was great, we spent some quality time together, bought some of the little balls at the machine ( a spider venom ball and a Hulk one), shopped a bit, and then headed home to enjoy the day together.  The books were an older Robert R McCammon one (trying to get a lot of his stuff), and a YA Western type called Shane that was apparently a library book at some point.

One of the used books I got with my friend was the sixth book in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison. I already had Dead Witch Walking at home on the TBR pile. Itching for some urban fantasy, I read the first one, and, wow, well, ......FELL IN LOVE.

Big time.

Reading this, this is what happened to my mind:

Reading it, I knew - before even finishing the book - that I HAD to have the next one to read. Just HAD TO. The next day when I went to work, I stopped by at the store on the way home and purchased the next four in the series (since I had bought the sixth already). I have been reading them non-stop since, falling more and more in love with each one. I'm truly addicted!

I also bought these new when at the store the other day:

Links to Synopsis in Goodreads:

From the Used Bookstore with Melissa:

Links to Synopsis in Goodreads:

From the Restaurant with Nathan:

Borrowed from Nathan's Friend Mike:

Louis L'Amore Collection of Westerns: To Tame a land, Last Stand at Papago Wells, Heller with a Gun, and Utah Blaine

Other Hollows I bought when reading Dead Witch Walking:

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