My Best Friend's Booky Birthday Gift

My best friend Melissa isn't the easiest person to shop for. I can think of tons online to buy her, but locally? Almost impossible. Since she finally gotten bitten BIGTIME by the book bug in 2011, and I treated her to a ton of books as a Christmas gift, I decided to follow up the birthday present as something creative and fun, a "Book Birthday Bag."

Some of it was meant to be over the top and cheesy, some gag gifts she'd get, others actually useful (go figure!). I included sticky notes on all the gifts explaining the purpose, and put the  gifts inside the reading tote bag.

The contents - she loved it all by the way!

1. Book Tote Bag - Large tote bag from the university bookstore I work at.

2. Ball of Mozarella Cheese with a post-it note, saying: "For when reading those cheesy B-novels."

3. A Box of Kleenex, post-it saying: "For when reading those sappy, tear-jerker dramas" - she read quite a bit of them last year so it was perfect.

4. A Bag of Mixed candy bars - "For that perfect reading snack"

5. A Throw Blanket - "To cuddle up with a book on those perfect nights"

6. A Cup and some Hot Cinnamon Tea - "For curling up with those cozy mysteries"

7. Girly lipgloss - " For when reading those reminiscent Young Adult novels"

8. A book cover - my mother sewed these and they were beautiful with a large button from her button collection. To hold a book when carrying it around in the purse.

9. A big cat bookmark - since she wants a cat but can't have one currently, and my cat often cuddles with me when reading, I put in the cat bookmark so she would have a reading buddy of her own.

10. A painted bookmark to use for general reading

11. Some religious bookmarks for Christian themed books

12. A booklight for when reading in the dark

Things I forgot - The little bag of coffee for late-night studying serious books (doh!),
Things I couldn't find in time: Bookplates