MM - June 18th

My ordering spree of Urban Fantasy grows. I haven't been physically book shopping for awhile, but instead keep using online to get more books I see recommended from Urban Fantasy books on Goodreads. Enablers, evil enablers! Don't they understand about my addiction!?  I do need some books to tide me over between Urban Fantasy lapses lately it seems. I suppose my solution to this by buying more Urban Fantasy series makes a certain kind of bookish sense, right? Right? :(

I have been drooling for the fifth book of the Stacia Kane series to come. I had it on preorder for almost a month before it's release.

Ended up getting it at Amazon along with the fourth book, then saw their shipping deal if I ordered $25.00 bucks worth. Figured, why not, since with shipping I was already at about $16.00.  Added in Curse the Dawn and Embrace the Night, since I've read the first two of those and curious if the series improves. Surprisingly once I added in ten more dollars, their deal of something I had no idea of kicked in. Apparently if you bought four of a sort of book, then you'd get the fourth free - YIPEE!!. With free shipping, and when the fourth free one kicked in, ended up getting all four new books for only 21 something. Cannot beat that!

Unfortunately, it took a long time to arrive (to me anyway). They waited to ship it all when Chasing Magic was released.

Used I picked up Mark of the Demon, the first of a Kara Gillian series. Because of my big Hollows kick anymore, I keep itching for more demon stories.

Got the next in the Jaye Wells series too since I got into the first book.

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