MM - June 2nd

My friend Susan was in the thift store and said she ran into a used book that reminded her of me and she thought I'd really enjoy it. It's an oldie and I'm delighted she purchased it for me!

Missing it's hardcover, but it's a collection of Gothic stories. What fun, I don't have many of those but really dig the Gothic atmosphere and writing style.

I did take a picture of the bookplate in the inside too, apparently someone was serious about their bookplates and I found them as groovy as can be.

Another cool thing about the book is throughout it, there's some gothic type artwork:

Here's the synopsis for the book via Goodreads:


 Six Gothic Tales by

This is a collection of six gothic novellas from some of the favorite authors from Readers Digest - Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier, Mission to Malaspiga by Evelyn Anthony, Mistress of Mellyn by Victoria Holt, The High Valley by Jessica North, Thunder Heights by Phyllis A. Whitney, and Tregaron's Daughter by Melanie Brent.

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