MM - June 4th

Had a great time at the Mayhem convention, and this week didn't do any book buying besides some online ordering that hasn't arrived. When in the vendor rooms at the convention, these two lovelies were laying on the table for only 50 cents a piece. Of course I had to pick them up, who wouldn't?

Taltos    *   Goblins

Also picked up two identical Zombie bookmarks from an artist at his table for $5.00 each. Got one for my fiance Nathan as he loves Zombie books, and one for myself so I'd have my own! And of course grabbed up all the free promotional bookmarks I could find.

And, when I got back from vacation, I found in the mail the book I was really dying to have. The Hollows Insider! After loving the series so much I ordered this guide. I was really hoping it'd arrive from Amazon BEFORE my vacation so I could bring it with, but oh well, something to look forward to when I returned.

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