MM- July 23rd

Bought two books today when grocery shopping (yes, again!) I tell you, if not for food, I wouldn't have so many books! Found another Leisure horror and another Hard Case Crime.

Face by Tim Lebbon

A family picks up a hitchhiker in the worst blizzard in living memory. It's a mistake. Brand is not who he seems, to the mother, the father or the daughter. He is something more, something they fear in their own ways, and soon after the thaw they are all seeing him again. They begin to learn things about themselves, and each other, which perhaps would be best left unknown. And they begin to realise other, more painful truths ... love blinds . Fear distorts . Hate misleads.

Fade to Blonde by Max Phillips

"She wore a pale blue dress with cream piping, a dark blue belt, and a silly little schoolgirlish collar. She had nice straight shoulders. There was nothing wrong between them and her open-toed shoes, so I guess the trouble must have been somewhere behind those blue-gray eyes. They'd be trouble, of course. She looked up and called, 'Is your name, Corson?' " From the first paragraph, Max Phillips's pitch-pure ear sets the tone; we have entered a back-alley world where men are tough and women are easy; where dirty secrets clog the citadels of power. With its staccato dialogue and its strip-club fusion of sex and vengeance, Fade to Blonde ironically recalls a more innocent age.

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