MM- July 23rd

For this weeks Mailbox Monday, I tried to include the rabbit and kitten in the picture to get them doing something cute laying next to the books:

They...refused to cooperate

Oh well, so much for that new idea of displaying the books I get. Got a decent amount at the used bookstore this time around again. Haven't been there for ages as I've been ordering online for a month or so now. Went with Melissa to the Salvation army and picked these up, surprised I found so many good deals:


Black Coffee (Hercule Poirot #7) ---- I really love that detective
Wicked Fix (Home Repair is Homicide, #3)


Girl's Guide to Witchcraft (Jane Madison, #1) - This looks SO CUTE and I cannot wait to read it!
Dolores Claiborne - Thought I'd retry this one. I remember hating it as a teen but I think my tastes may be more open minded now, and I love the movie.
Girl, Interrupted - The movie was good and heard this one also was
The Kite Runner - Okay, another one almost everyone has read but me!
Memoirs of a Geisha - I never thought to pick this up. It just didn't look like it would interest me. When I saw it though, I decided to start reading some excerpts out of it. I was surprised and pleased to find that the writing style was easy to read and seemed intriguing, so I'm curious about it now.
Wuthering Heights - This year I keep trying to collect some classics, and here's another big time one for the shelves. Just hope it goes over much better than Pride and Prejudice did for me.
Four Past Midnight - Again, MORE King Novellas to collect again

And, finally, the most exciting finds!

I about palpitated!

Now, I already own Carrie and The Shining. I don't even like the novel Carrie much. I do, however, really dig the Shining, even if I found the ending quite weak. However, I've ALWAYS wanted to read Salem's lot, especially this year. I kept reading references to it in the Dark Tower series last year, and was discussing how great it was on the Horror Aficionados group on Goodreads. I had always dug this cover at the Paperbackswap but never thought I'd find it. Now, I FOUND IT. I finally get to read Salem's Lot!! Hope I'm not dissappointed.

And, of course, the biggest find - MY BIG FAT SUPERNATURAL WEDDING! Have wanted this forever. Actually I didn't even SEE it. Melissa had it in her cart and at the end this was one of the books she was going to put back. OH MY GOD! I grabbed this like lightning. It is finally, finally mine!

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