Top Worlds / Vivid World-Building

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

Hey everyone! It’s Julia again. Are you sick of me yet? :) Today we get a special glimpse into one reason why we love the books we love: the settings and the worlds. A setting can make or break a book for me, especially if it is supposed to be in a world different then our own. World building is super important because it gets your readers invested in the story by bringing it to life in their minds. So let's take a look at 10 of my most vivid worlds/settings in books.

This was a toughie. I guess I'm just not that creative anymore! Being a big Urban Fantasy fan, I really dig most of the realities of those worlds...however, hard to pick them as Urban Fantasy by our definition is supposed to be technically "our world with paranormal elements." But really, I can't leave that genre off completely. I don't read much fantasy really, so nothing there comes to mind. Time to get the head cranking and in gear...

And of course this top ten list had to bring the Dark Tower series to mind:

"Go then, there are others worlds than these."

 1.  Harry Potter - Haven't read all the books but the world seems...interesting. Minus all the bad wizards and stuff. Would be cool to have different races of people, the different creatures and such. Also of course the gorgeous school!
2. Sookie Stackhouse - Sure we really know most of the vamps are bit heartless, but the world element sounds interesting with the mix of vamps, weres, and people with other abilities out in society running businesses, being neighbors, etc.
3. Chronicles of Narnia - Wouldn't want to live there, but what a wonderful, imaginative world CS Lewis spun.
4. The Hunger Games - I wouldn't even want to VISIT this world, but the gritty and depressing themes and how the world has been broken up into twelve is just creatively awesome.
5. Farenheit 57 - A world without books, a world where books is forbidden, and a world where firefighters make it their job to go around burning books and houses containing them. People obsessed with television, stunted on opinion, and delayed in personality/mind/compassion. What a horrible world to be in, but kudos for the different feel.
6. The Stand - A unique apocalyptic world created by King
7. Unholy Ghosts - Again not a world I'd want to live in, but the world is now ran by the Church (which is Godless and believes in science and magic they control only, with the whole unique ghost thing. Also endless unique urban settings and cultural changes.
8. The Dark Tower series - Well, several worlds here really. The way they overlap is just genious
9. Alice in Wonderland - Doesn't need any further explanation...
10. I am Legend - A different sort of apocalyptic, intriguing world/situation