Local Library: Lakeland, Florida

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The Lakeland Library

Much larger than the local library closer to me, this one is bigger than I was able to showcase through pictures. One reason being that the angle was wrong to take lots of shots to show how large, while the main reason was I just felt awkward snapping pictures and having the flash go off in everyone's eyes as they tried to be serious and quiet at the library. I already got enough funny looks from the librarian in the kids area. I can't help but want to take pictures of that section as it's the more creative area there. 

While it's pretty and they have a good variety of DVDs, books, reference areas, the kid section is huge, and they have a locked Special collections room, I don't enjoy it as much as my closer little library. It's less personal, doesn't have as much energy about it, and the people just aren't as open, warm, and friendly. This library also doesn't have cool promotional bookmarks to hand out like some of the others. Okay, that's minor but still, I do love promo bookmarks...:(

It's also a big of a pain to drive to, as getting to Lake Morton can be annoying with the traffic and layout. It's right next to - and shares its parking lot with - the Polk County Museum of Art. Bordering outside the library is the gorgeous Lake Morton, filled with swans, some ambitious joggers, lovely houses, old churches and colleges, and plenty of inspiring scenery to read by. It was more tempting to take pictures of the outside - which I certainly did.

I must also say it's awesome to have loyal friends. What others wouldn't hesitate to tag along with me without question through these obstacles.

I'm also using this for the Monthly Feature, Where in the World Are You Reading


1. Taking pictures of the library and getting weird looks. She brought her camera too but let me take all the shots lol
2. Taking pictures of the teens room before noticing the sign that the adults weren't allowed in there for safety and privacy of teenagers.
3. Walking through the grass to take pictures of swans, and then doing a treasure hunt around the lake for cool large Swan feathers to take home as souvenirs.

Anyway, lo and behold some shots of the library since it was a bit cumbersome to get them. Click any of the pictures to enlarge.

Outside the library, in between it and the museum, handprint art done. They had four of these. Pretty nifty, took a picture of two.

A shot of the outside of the library. This is the less pretty shot, as on the other end it's absolutely gorgeous by the lake with the huge willow trees, tons of grass, and cozy benches. The front here has palm trees. As a Floridian, I strangely HATE freaking Palm Trees.
Random Interior Shots
Here's when you walk into through the glass doors. Like the stone and signs. 
The wall with the "Friends of the Library" books and Melissa heading to check them out. We got some decent books there - I got four, she found much more. Also took a picture of the wall with the new book releases and some of the reading posters. 

Here's some more misc. shots of the front entrance/reception area stuff, and various posters/art:

I do LOVE the hallway mural walls - gorgeous!

The library has huge windows in the main reading area that's very open - the gorgeous view is of the lake. 

This chair was much more comfortable to sit in than it looked - had to try it! I really do want some ship decor for when I finish my library as well, but not this style.

  Teen Room

Here's The Teen room. It's a small area. Melissa is holding up a funny looking book called Killer Pizza, and that's me laughing and telling her to hurry up and take a picture when I realized we weren't even supposed to be in there! The TV was much bigger in person that it looks in the picture.

Kid Room

The kid room is adorable and very roomy:

The outside of the library - gorgeous!

Library Painted Swan and Bookmobile