Local Library: Mulberry, Florida

Where I Actually Leave The House

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The Mulberry Library

This is the library closer to me, literally five minute drive. It's small, quaint, and awesome. I love the staff there, friendly and warm. Love that even though it's tiny the fiction section is huge. Also especially love all the creative events they do. Last year they did a Mother-Daughter tea at the civic center nearby, and next year they're doing an Alice in Wonderland I want to attend. They also did a Hunger Games reenactment with costumes, etc., with the local high school.

They're currently trying to raise money for a new building. It's pretty old and in need of repair. A lot of their decorations are crafted, but obviously with much reading love. It's inspiring! I'm also using this for the Monthly Feature, Where in the World Are You Reading

They gave me this tote bag from their summer reading program, even though I didn't enter it like I wanted to (oh, procrastinator me!):

The Outside of the Library

Some of their Dream Big Read Promos for the summer reading:

The Kid & Teen Sections:

Misc. Shots: