Sunday Salon: August 19, 2012

This is my second Sunday Salon. I *gasped* missed last weeks!

It has been an up and down week and a bizarre, not-too-good weekend. Came home Friday night to find that my beloved cat, Malz, was having trouble urinating, had blood in his urine, and was in pain. We had to bring him to the SPCA animal clinic and it looks like a UTI, which can be dangerous for male cats. They've given him antibiotics so hopefully it all clears up soon. We have been trying to save this month because we're so broke and this didn't help. Also, he apparently hates riding in cars, was aggressive from fear there so they had to sedate him and keep him there, which almost doubled the charge.

And of course I had a tooth gum infection hit Friday night and have had to go get painkillers and antibiotics. When it rains, it pours, right? My mothers cat got loose Wednesday and still has not been found either :(

Book wise hasn't been too bad. I finished Whispers by Dean Koontz, read La Vida Vampire (Oldest Series Vampire #1), finally found the book I've been missing for weeks,  The Everlasting by Tim Lebbon, and read one more novella (Apt Pupil) from Stephen Kings Different Seasons today.

Today I'm starting the sequel to La Vida Vampire, Last Vampire Standing. In the hospital waiting room read Apt Pupil. Also started a Harlequin that was published in the 70s that I'm not really into so far, Call of the Veld by Anne Hampson.

Since I have so many anthologies to catch up on, I'm going to try to read one short story a week from these. Kings stuff takes longer since his "short stories" are really novellas. I think Apt Pupil is almost 200 pages. Let's see if I keep up with this goal....I have over 20 anthologies to read, all in various genres.

No book shopping or buying this week, but my best friend is reading 50 shades of a Grey and will let me read it when she's done. Yay me! Finally get the much talked about book.

I'm keeping this one short as I'm a bit out of it from the medicine and exhausted. Hope everyone had a good book week and an even better one next week!