Sunday Salon: August 26th


Another Sunday, another week. This weekend has thankfully been a vast improvement over the last - no toothaches or sick kitties this time. Had a relaxing weekend off and got a lot done with the site's sidebar, although I'm still not happy with it. Starting to think this thing will be a constant work in progress!

I finally finished Apt Pupil this week from Stephen King's Different Seasons, and started on The Body as the next story. There are four novellas in total, and I'm on the third. I enjoyed Apt Pupil the story more than the movie, although it was incredibly disturbing. The Body hasn't been made into a picture on the screen yet. I'm really digging King's writing style with that one, so far, so good.

I have about fifty pages left of the Vampire series by Nancy Haddock my best friend loaned me. The third book is Always The Vampire, and while this series is not my typical reading fare, it's been quite fun and refreshing downing the series.

I still haven't picked up the many biographies I need to. I enjoy them, so why I'm so slow when it comes to reading them I'll never know.

It really hasn't been the most eventful week -- I have worked, still job hunting for a different job, got over my tooth infection, the air conditioner broke in August heat (grrr). We at least have the portable air conditioner and fans to hold us over in the meantime. Just hoping the humidity doesn't affect the books too badly!

For some good news, found out at the convention in October I'm going to that RL Stine will be there, of all people. I enjoyed his kids stuff growing up so it will be a pleasure to meet him and get an autograph of his upcoming adults book.

For book-damaged news, my cat Malz decided to go rogue on a book last night. I have my stacks of Paranormals on the chair by the computer ready for stamping with my bookplate stamp when I catch up on the season Finale of True Blood tonight. I heard a noise and looked to the floor, dismay flooding my veins FAST when I saw the cat eagerly chomping away at a book corner. Turns out the victim was Christine Freehans Dark Prince :( I'll have to rebuy it sometime now. Completely readable but it bugs me.

Hope everyone enjoys the True Blood finale tonight --- going to watch it then wait another agonizing year for the next season! Come to think of it, this is also the yearly wait for the last Sookie Stackhouse book. That will be a sad few hours for me to zip through when that book finally arrives.