Sunday Salon - August 5th

It's my first official Sunday Salon, and it's a little intimidating. I remember first seeing the project and sites participating in it years ago and wanting to join,  but they were always closed when I got around to it. I'd thought about doing it without being a member, but it just never felt quite right, so a no-go. I keep getting reminded of this fun looking meme, and finally I just found out that they have reopened with a Facebook group so more people can finally join. Yay me, looks like I'm finally here.

First, the header graphic I guess. I wanted to choose something that reminded me of Sundays. For some reason the ocean does that. Maybe it's because of weekend relaxing, sun, and beaches. Either way, hope you like it.

This week hasn't been particularly book heavy for me in general. I've been working hard on redoing on the blog design, which has taken up most of my free time. This has been going on for several weeks, still not happy with it but wanting to get it done (while enjoying at the same time.) Wish I understood web design more in general so I could be even more creative and do things less painlessly. I'm sure there's some extra coding in here or something messed up, but I suppose it's a trial-and-learn process and I'm not going to worry about everything, just going to do the best I can and try to have as much fun as I can in the process. That's the point of life in general, right?

It's almost seeming to me like I have too many of the weekly memes set up, but they're just so alluring and fun I can't resist ;) Also, of course there are some weeks I will sit out as I've already answered the question previously in a meme, or else I just don't know how to answer it. Sunday Salon stands on its own as something unique and different, an 'official recap of the week'. When I first started The Paperback Stash so many years ago, I remember trying to do an official weekly post but it soon fell flat.

Like I said, haven't read much this week, but was able to finish Girl, Interrupted today. It was a quick easy read for many reasons: swift writing style that summarized internal thoughts, short paragraphs and chapters with fast pages, big text. Also almost done with Tim Lebbons The Everlasting, but seemed to have misplaced it, argh! Slowly reading through Agatha Christies autobiography (highly anticipated by me and interesting, but I read autobiographies slow and at a leisurely pace as a rule).  Also reading Kings different seasons, the original goal was one novella a week until it was done, then on to the next anthology, but I haven't picked it back up for weeks. I did read Shawshank story, Apt Pupil will be the next on the list.

Friend and I have planned to do some local book place tours in our towns with our cameras ready. We've been planning this for months but never got a chance. We're wanting to do it this Tuesday so I'll see if it finally happens. Didn't do it in time to submit a local bookstore to "Where in the World are you?", but will still display it on the blog. Wanting to take some pictures of the local bookstores and areas. I'm such a picture diva and it sounded fun!

Otherwise been spending a great weekend with my son and fiance - we finally saw the new Batman yesterday. Didn't like it as much as The Dark knight but it was still a great flick and I wasn't disappointed.

Current stats of this week from Goodreads:

TBR:  801
Wishlist: 448