Ugh, this is stupid - 50 Shades of Grey pulled from some Florida Libraries....

From the Article:

The Brevard County Public Libraries system in Florida decided to pull “Fifty Shades of Grey” from their shelves last week according to The Palm Beach Post.  It’s an erotic novel that heavily features BDSM.  The title has been the top-selling ebook everywhere for quite awhile.

Cathy Schweinsberg, Library Services Director, said that the book was pulled because “it doesn’t meet our selection criteria”.  Apparently, they had purchased several copies but didn’t realize what it was until the press started referring to the book as “mommy porn”.  Schweinsberg said they removed it because they “don’t collect porn”.

Guys, this is actually incredibly lame. Who's to say where to draw the line then? No erotica allowed in libraries? How about limiting romance with sex scenes then? It's all within the same sub genre area. Censorship bites.

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