Bookplate Stamps: I love Asspocket Productions!

Being a big bookplate type person, I am always dismayed when I compare the number of books I own to the number of bookplates I'd need, versus the outrageous cost of these. Sure, one can make their own but this can quickly grow expensive as well, not to mention tedious and not nearly as visually pleasing unless done with painstaking care.

I decided one day to google up bookplate STAMPS. Figured, buy a stamp to mark the books as the libraries and bookstores do, it's a one time setup cost, and I was surprised to find it actually had a big following.

Asspocket productions makes tons of stamps on ebay for book collectors and lovers, over 200 to choose from. The prices are great (typically 18.00 for a stamp), the quality wonderful and there are chooses on which kind of stamp, and the selection a literary dream.

I settled on these two designs to start out with in December:

Above is the proof copy sent to me before delivery.

I LOVE these and plan on ordering more as soon as I get the chance. Have finally finished stamping the collection and now slap these on there before shelving new books.

The link to her Etsy page:

Asspocket Productions


Purchased this for my best friend's birthday: