Edgar Allan Poe Tribute

I've been planning this all year, and growing more excited the closer October comes. I've never done a read-along or week on the site, but I've had an Edgar Allan Poe book on my shelves containing his stories and poems for ages on my TBR shelf. I find him fascinating, and thought, why not do a weekly tribute? Starting that Monday, I'll post different thoughts on his stories, his poetry, artwork with him, movies based on  his stuff, thoughts about the man himself. It will be random, fun, and something for every day of the week up until Saturday. A first time for me but I have a feeling this will be an addicting week!

Books and sources I will be using from the bookshelf:

 I will be referencing, viewing, and reviewing the following films based on Edgar Allan Poe works:

Will also be using various audio sources and free public resources, more info to come.