Sunday Salon: Laid off on Labor Day

Personal Life Stuff

Technically, laid off on Labor day weekend anyway, Friday. Ugh. First time in over three years I haven't had a job. It's strange and was sudden. I know the campus was doing layoffs this month, heard about some of the faculty being gotten rid of. Apparently they started on staff Friday. I was surprisingly not that upset, although I of course need a paycheck to survive. It was a miserable job the past year and my hours were pretty bad. I'm just praying and crossing my fingers that I find another job quickly, this time a better one where I'm happier. Been busy enjoying the weekend with my son and family, planning to hit the job search grindstone starting Tuesday, among with dozens of other little things I need to get done.

Also, central air conditioner unit broke this month. It was an old air conditioning system, and we don't have the money to replace to  unit. Instead we've opted for a large window air conditioner in the dining room which has been working incredibly well for us thankfully. I think it seems just as cool - if not cooler - than when we had the air. Also installed a small air conditioner in the bedroom. The central air never seemed to really cool that room anyway, like it was blocked off or something. We had to rely on a few fans. Now it gets much cooler. Hopefully this will all save on the electric bill too, which has been ridiculous this summer! My son's room has the portable AC unit but he hasn't needed to turn it on as the house has been surprisingly cool since getting the two units.

My cat Malz is feeling much better after his disaster weekend two weeks ago where we had to bring him to the vet for  a bladder infection. He is now back to his monstrous self terrorizing everybody in the house.

I hope everyone has a great, safe Labor Day Weekend. We're probably going to have a family barbeque today. Should be fun getting together with the parents.

Site Updates and Changes

 I'm still not happy with the design and a few things are still being updated; hence, why I have left up the sticky post stating the site is undergoing changes and redesign. I hope to be able to take it down soon. I made some sidebar graphics for the side, and it took a night and a day. Really enjoyed the process. Now I think it's too busy and crowded and have to redo some of it. I changed the header font but it's still not right to me, and same for background changes. I'm so picky it feels like it will never be done sometimes.

I have also updated the Crafting Bookmarks link on the sidebar. There were a few that have now changed pages, all links should work now, and added about a dozen new ones.

I almost have the first Movie-to-Book feature done. Going to start with The Help. The graphic and layout that's going to be used for this feature have been completed. Also working on another feature, but this will just be one that goes in the link collection list, for book quotes. Have to design the graphic for the background of it. Need something simple, but interesting, and of course that doesn't violate any copyrights. Not sure yet on how this will be posted - a few times a week likely just depending on mood.

I've been pretty busy on Facebook for the Paperback Stashs page. If you enjoy almost daily book or reading related graphics, be sure to like the page. I have great fun with it, sharing reading enthusiasm, random graphics, quotes, and news. Posts are updated there as well through Networked Blogs apps.

Updated Pinterest last night with a lot more book related boards and photos, too.

I did accidentally mess up the footer too, so for right now it's nonexistent except for the disclaimer.

Weekly features done this week:

Tune-In Tuesday: The Sound of Silence
Top Ten List Tuesday: Book Confessions
Booking Through Thursday: Books to Film
 (And of course This Sunday Salon)

 As I didn't receive new books, did not do a Mailbox Monday. Also couldn't think of anything appropriate for the Waiting on Wednesday meme.

Bookish News

I'm excited to announce I won a random facebook contest sponsored by Confessions of a Booky Monster! I'm getting a swag pack and will be sure to post pictures when they arrive. I haven't won a contest for awhile, so this was a fun boost.

I read Fifty Shades of Grey and was addicted. Reviewed the book here, gave it four stars. Sure, there were flaws and it's unrealistic and a guilty pleasure. but the soap opera style theme is something I guess I'm needing right now. Getting the next two on Monday night for reading next week so I should go through those quickly.

Finally finished another book I've been working on for awhile, The Everlasting by Tim Lebbon. This poor book was lost for a few weeks while I was reading it, then I just kept getting distracted. It is now done and I should have a review up this week for it.

Haven't yet progressed any farther with King's Different Seasons but should finish that up this upcoming week as well, in the middle of "The Body" right now.

For the site this week I reviewed the following: