Superfudge by Judy Blume

(Fudge, #3)

Sometimes life in the Hatcher household is enough to make twelve-year-old Peter think about running away. His worst problem is still his younger brother, Fudge, who hasn't changed a bit since his crazy capers in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. If you ask Peter, Fudge is just an older — and bigger — pain.

Then Peter learns that his mom is going to have a baby and the whole family is moving to Princeton for a year. It will be bad enough starting sixth grade in a strange place and going to the same school as Fudge. But Peter can imagine something even worse. How will he ever survive if the new baby is a carbon copy of Fudge?

This book ended up being cuter than I could have imagined. I probably did read it along with everyone else growing up, I really don't remember. This reread or new read, whichever it is, was fun. It's one of those kid books you simply can't outgrow, as the humor and frustration stand timeless. As always, Blume is the queen of writing a non-dramatic book that deals realistically with kids issues and developments.

The blend of down to earth but quirky-still characters and oddball events, accompanied by Blumes fun writing touch, make these excel. This book was SO cute and had a surprising layer of things going on for the story. From Blume it's usually so and I continued to grow more and more enamored with her work. I felt for the parents as what bratty children at times - they have much more patience than I do! 

Some of the one-liners are especially hilarious. With how fun this ended up being, if I run into other Fudges, I WILL buy them. It's such a fast, short read that's a good one to reread every other year or so to refresh when you need a quick break from life but don't have the time or energy to invest in a longer project. Kids will enjoy reading this too, of course, as humor has no age group. I can see reading this with your children as being great fun. It's clean humor filled with irony and frustration, something we can all relate to.

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