True Blood Convention 2010

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True Blood Convention 2010

It was an exciting convention as we got to meet and have our pictures taken with Sam and Lafayette from True Blood. 

We were only there for one day, which was plenty to meet and greet and get the shots taken.

This convention had a lot less pictures from me and coverage as there just isn't that much to do at Eyecon compared to other events and their vendor room was a small section with two little tables. However, it was still a lot of fun and I'm thrilled I got to go.

First, Sam Trammell, who plays Sam Merlotte in the show, was incredible. His Q&A has been one of my favorites so far convention wise. He's sweet, hilarious, and had fascinating stories for everyone. I thought it was funny when he asked if anyone was sorry to see Mary-Anne dead, and everyone shouted no, they were done with that story. I know the feeling!  A question or two made him blush as well, how charming! 

Meeting him for the pictures, he was a sweet gentlemen and made an even bigger fan out of me than I was already.  I greatly enjoy his character on True Blood, and have to say they captured him very well from the book series.

Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafeyette on the show, was also incredibly charming. He immediately puts you at ease and speaks openly to you when I met for pictures. I didn't get to see a Q&A with him, but I'm sure it would have been great. I'm glad they kept his character through the series, despite the changes from the books, as he's been a great asset for True Blood.

The convention was held at a convention center, and not a resort or hotel like I'm used to. The place was very prestige and classy. Here's a few quick shots of the scenery:

I didn't get any autographs at this one, only the pictures, but I was able to take some shots of some of the other celebs I didn't get to meet as they signed for fans and I was waiting in the audience:

Todd Lowe (Terry)

Allan Hyde (Godric)

Ashley Jones (Daphne)

Despite the lackluster option for purchasing items in the vendor room, Melissa was sweet and bought me a Merlotte's menu to hang on the wall of the book room: