Why I love Wednesdays: Reading Places!

Why I love Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by the fun blog, Reflections of a Bookaholic. It's a mid-week meme focusing on something loved about books or bookish. I do a lot of memes already that are general questions, but some of these themes and prompts are a bit different so thought it looked fun!

Favorite Place to Read

Why I love...Reading on my porch!

I have two porches - one small, one larger. I love sitting on the small one, but the larger is my favorite place for reading. It's more secluded and private. When I'm on the smaller one, it's raised and in the front of my home. It feels like I'm in a little screened bubble and it's fun. However, the screen is tore so mosquitoes get in now, and it gets muggy and doesn't have an outlet. On the larger porch I have some comfortable patio furniture, a fan blowing in my face, easy way to kick the feet up, no one can peek in, a glass table for snacks and a drink. It's cozy, especially at night, especially if it's raining.