Early Chapters: Magic Rises

 The Sneak Peak for "Magic Rises"
Kate Daniels Series
Urban Fantasy 


Initial Thoughts:
  • Looks like Kate is still being called Consort, and still be annoyed by that term. 
  • Pretty decent chapter length.
  •  I kept my voice calm.  “Take me to your children.” For some reason this brought to mind the old cliche, "Take me to your leader."
  • The scene with the mother Meredith was extremely sad.
  • No matter what the deal is with Curran, he's still as incredible as ever.
  • Most likely, Kate will begin the second chapter by going after Curran to ask what is up.
  • This is by far the saddest beginning chapter of the Magic series so far. 
  • Julie's in this chapter a lot, and I have a feel with the ending of the last book and her staying around the Keep that she'll be in the book a decent amount.
Questions Raised:
  • What's up with Curran's attitude and why didn't he even look at Kate at any time? 
  • What else is obviously seriously wrong?
  • Why haven't we heard of this salve before?
Excitement Comes:

I wish the book was here NOW. Looks good so far, already tension is high and there's a clear mystery at hand.

Cover Release:

No cover image released yet :(