Sunday Salon: October 14th

A pretty fun week this time around. Got some reading in, although not as much as I'd like to. And wow, actually getting the Sunday Salon done early this time.

Last Week

Last night Nathan, Gage, and I went to the Lakeland Downtown Zombiefest. Was pretty fun walking around and the weather was a delight. At first Gage didn't want to go (you know how some kids are at this age...) but we errr, MADE him come. Met my friend Susan and her friend Sheryll up there with their kids. Susan's kids dressed up but we just wore our silly T-shirts for the occasion. Mine said I danced with a zombie, Nathans was an Evil Dead Reference, and Gage had a Mario Brothers shirt on.We told him it fit in because it was dorky. A good thing too because there was another little kid that came dressed up as Mario.

It was a lot of fun and we bought a $5.00 bag of cotton candy - yum! Personally I need to stay away from that.

Otherwise nothing big this week, we've all become addicted to Supernatural and are trying to catch up with that. Tonight is Walking Dead - woohoo! I still need to catch up on the new Vampire Diaries from last Thursday, and Sunday is turning out to be such a TV show night. Walking Dead, Once upon a time, Nathan has a show with a new episode on Sunday nights, and the new Revenge. Sheesh.

The Upcoming Week

Next week doesn't look too interesting yet. I have an appointment with the One Stop Employment Service on Friday for unemployment, and Susan and I may go up to the local college and try to figure that confusing stuff out some time next week. Gage has his basketball tryouts so wishing him luck on that!

Last Week's Reading

I was completely engrossed in Salem's Lot - really - but it still took me a few days for lack of time. Great book, just wrapped up today and review should be coming soon.

Wow, just checked, and that is sadly all that I have read this week!

 Last Week's Site Progress

First post in a NEW Feature: Early Chapters:  Early Chapters: Magic Rises 
First time participating in monthly Pinteresting Challenge: Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Reviews done:

Ending Thoughts

Ugh, next week I need to get a lot more reading in! Have a huge list of books I want to get through this month.

Here's hoping everyone had a great week filled with the magic of reading.