Sunday Salon: October 7

Again late, but at least it's on Sunday!

Been a busy week for the site as I tried to crunch out as much Edgar Allan Poe stuff as I could stomach. There's still more to do though so I'll be trickling in more themed post the next week as I try to wrap up the project. This month is going to be filled with Horror and Gothic stuff for Halloween - frankly I haven't read much Horror this year, just haven't been in the mood. Figured I'd save most of it for this month because of the holiday challenges and themes.

For the Edgar Allan Poe have been having a lot of fun watching some Poe inspired films and reviewing them. I still need to put up the review for PIT AND THE PENDULUM film, just haven't yet. It's been fun going through the movies too as I love Vincent Price and it has given me a chance to find more of his stuff to experience.

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 Read This Week:
  • Complete Poems and Stories by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • An Impossible Situation by Margaret Mayo 
  • Lakewood Memorial by Robert R. Best

Personal Stuff

Got sick this weekend which is one reason I stopped putting the site updates out for two days, ugh. Feeling much better today, though.

Made these new recipes this week:

Made some moist Banana Cake. This stuff was great. The secret was baking then freezing fourty-five minutes. I didn't use the frosting recipe, though. I made a cinnamon icing in rows, and then in the other rows put a candied walnut crumble. Next time I think I'm going to try a Cinnamon sugar topping. I also added a lot of cinnamon to the batter, when this recipe didn't have any.

The Potato rounds are ridiculously easy, filling, and cheap. Made as a side for a chicken casserole. Four sliced potatoes made tons of these rounds. Yummy!  Links are in the pictures.

Also got caught up on the shows Revenge and Once Upon A Time. Both of these have addicting stories.

Otherwise didn't do too much exciting this week. Next week should be busier - I think! I did get some cheap dollar store Halloween supplies today to decorate the house and for the Halloween party with my son and best friends daughter this year.

Until next Sunday!