Where in The World Are You Reading: October

If you aren't familiar with Where in the World Are You Reading yet, please check out the meme page with all of the monthly prompts.

Decided to join this Octobers theme. Local favorite cafes? What fun. I'm not going to do the coffee shop like Starbucks or Barnies, even though they're divine in my town too, but going to focus on my favorite small Tea shop in Lakeland, Tea Largo.

This place is incredible - it's joined with Picassos art and pottery studio so there's a lot of creativity to greet you as soon as you walk inside. I had to take a lot of these pictures with my phone so not all the pictures are that good in quality.

They do a lot of creative displays with Chalk

From the menu, which is huge, all the way down to the cupboards, they do many artistic chalk displays. It fits in with the whole Picasso art theme. They update the menu board by season and new arrivals. It's always fun to look around.

Some other pictures of fun stuff to buy

They have a wide variety of teas to purchase with cute names, as well as lattes, smoothies, boba teas, and little homemade treats for the day like the cookies displayed. Also some tea items and collector mugs and pots.

They carry unique products/drinks

They provide a sample of two iced teas a day to try something new and different before buying. Also they have Acai Bowls, Boba teas, etc. Acai bowls are a type of berry with other things of your choice added to kick start the day. They also have a lot of Matcha products and drinks.

They've just come out with their new "Teaki Bars",   which are Italian Gourmet Ice pops made from different teas. They're handmade and with natural ingredients, such as their Apple Spice for the fall, which real apples inside.

They like Mermaids AND Skeletons

 Seriously, every season and holiday they go all out with decorations so you never know what you'll walk into.  They have an antique looking custom bought blue fridge in their kitchen I talked to them about before that's cute as well.

So, it's not a big place but it's a fun, creative place and they have a huge amount of teas and other treats to buy.

Here was my purchase today for the Fall Season, Pumpkin Pie Red Rooibos and Irish Breakfast :)