Why I love Wednesdays....Favorite Lead Females

Why I love Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by the fun blog, Reflections of a Bookaholic. It's a mid-week meme focusing on something loved about books or bookish. I do a lot of memes already that are general questions, but some of these themes and prompts are a bit different so thought it looked fun!

Week's Theme: Favorite Female Leads
Why I love...The Following Lead Females!

I enjoy a lot of series so I'm going to focus on those more as I can continue their journeys over spans of several books and get to know them better.

I have to note that favorite leads does not mean favorite series necessarily. There are some series I absolutely love, but those leads may not make my list. An example is the Magic Kate Daniels series. I love those books, yet Kate gets on my nerves a lot of the time by being too abrasive. If the theme was favorite series, that would make the list, but as a favorite lead? No.

Without further ado:

  • Rachel Morgan from the Hollow Series. Not only is she bad-ass when she needs to be, she's not too abrasive or in your face tough. She has realistic weaknesses and vulnerabilities that are appealing and genuine. She is completely loyal and with honor to her friends, even though they have large flaws and do things she herself would not do. Her depth in all relationships makes reading about every relationship a genuine joy. Her background history and the unusual nature of her fascinates me. She adopts much humor in her dialogue and inner monologue but is also serious when she needs to be. I also dig how she is not unusually beautiful nor completely confident with all her appearance traits. I think of her as genuine, fun, a likeable person with great honor, good friend, respectful, but also a bit wild and twisted. 

  • Morgan Kingsley from the Devil Inside - Sometimes she does get on my nerves with her chip on the shoulder, but overall I think she's an enjoyable heroine. Temperamental for a reason, fun to read about, overall a good person, thrust into dangerous situations where the author shows her exhibiting rational levels of fear, enjoyment, and fight.

  • Kara Gillian from the Kara Gillian series - In one of the books the author overdid her language to where it was clearly forced, but overall really dig the character. She's reliable, honest, genuine to her friends, accompanied with strong hangups and personal issues. I like how she approaches issues, is realistic with relationships and uncertainties with them, her humor, her strength, but also how she does not let stubbornness get in the way so much that she makes ridiculous choices that end up stupid.

  • Mercy Thompson - I enjoy the series quite a bit, although not as much as many. I think it's a great Urban Fantasy series, but it's lower on my totem pole than the others. Still, Mercy stands out as a big favorite of mine. She's sweet, realistic, makes good choices in relationships, is interesting, independent without being forceful, and compassionate.

There were some runner ups that almost made the list (like Sookie and Chess), but there were some irritations there that kept them off.

Fun theme this week!