Booking Through Thursday: Thanksgiving

 A Weekly Meme Hosted by Booking Through Thursday 

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so … what are you thankful for this year, reading-wise? New, favorite books? New gadget for reading? New comfy chair? Bonus time to read? Just the mere fact of BEING a reader? Having the internet to share ideas/recommendations/conversations about books?

Just finished celebrating. Today I cooked for seven people, cleaned, cleared, stored, and am STILL digesting. I'm thankful for a lot this year bookwise. I restarted this blog and it has been a great joy to me to get into it again through reading, reviews, design, and fun new features. I also have become more active and involved on the reading social networking site, Goodreads. I have discovered at least six new beloved Urban Fantasy series, have read for the first time many big classics that I loved, and also have rekindled my enthusiasm for many genres. This has probably been one of the biggest years of my life in getting "new books" also. I got some author autographs through signings at the convention, as well as having my favorite author send me some book promos. Overall a very happy year for reading, and also the first time I've taken part in challenges all year long.