Sunday Salon: November 3rd

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Well, I've been failing with the Sunday Salon posts lately - missed the last two despite good intentions! I've been incredibly busy, and otherwise incredibly procrastinating, so I'm afraid the reading and everything hasn't taken the priority I'd hoped. I do have a decent amount of blog updates to post here now since I missed doing it the other weeks.

This week has been pretty busy. I went on vacation last Friday to a movie convention, Spooky Empire Convention 2012, and came back Sunday night. While there I got to meet a childhood favorite, R.L. Stine, and get a book signed by an established author but someone new to me, Heather Brewer. Melissa got some goodies signed too - see the details and more  pictures in this week's Mailbox Monday post.
I didn't meet as many celebrities this year but we got to meet Tracy Lords as Melissa got two of her autographs, and I met a few other people. I will get that Vacation picture up soon.
I returned from vacation Sunday night, went to a workshop required by unemployment Monday, then Wednesday prepared a fun Halloween party with the two kids. My son Gage and my best friends daughter Elizabeth. We met that evening and watched some of a movie and played at the park, having the spaghetti and food otherwise. Thursday I went to the college with my friend Susan to do the Math Prep testing and of course did crappy, ended up where when I register will have to take remedial classes, ugh. The first class I have to take in person, and if taken at night when I prefer due to work, will need to do three hours at a time once a week for sixteen weeks. The rest I can take online thankfully! Math isn't my strong point but I suppose remedial classes will be a good idea to get the basics down before starting the really tough stuff. I just need to get the tax transcript stuff done before the 12th register for the semester now, ugh, this stuff just gets overwhelming.

The week before was a lot less eventful. On that Thursday I went to the college for the first time with Susan to speak to an advisor and the financial aid officer, and went to a quick lunch afterword. Melissa came over Tuesday night and we watched some shows, prepared for the trip by making the schedule and did some last minute food shopping. Did some baking that week to freeze some goodies, three of the four baked turned out. 

The Upcoming Week

I don't have definite plans next week other than returning to the college again on Thursday afternoon to speak to an advisor again, and get together with Melissa Tuesday night. I hope to get some reading and blog work in, as well as more applications for work and some in person job attempts.


Today finished Dracula by Bram Stoker (review coming shortly!)  It's a  nice honor that this classic book marks the 100th book I've read this year, completing my challenge for the Goodreads 100 book challenge. I'm happy to complete it this time and even go over, as I'm sure I'll read a few more books before the week is out. ;)

  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • Lord of the Dead by Tom Holland

Currently Reading:
  • Fear and Trembling by Robert Bloch
  • Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
  • Real Men Don't Eat Quiche by Bruce Feirstein
  • Goblin's Attack by Holly Black
  • The Hollow's Insider by Kim Harrison
  • Under Town by Charles Ogden
  • Drawing Blood by Richard Finney and Franklin Guerrero

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