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It's been kind of a sluggish week again. No luck on the job front yet but need to look more the upcoming week. Week to the college again Thursday with friend Susan and finished all the financial aid requirements (I hope anyway!) I'm supposed to be set to register Monday now. Tuesday night we're attending orientation. Since I'm doing the classes online, there's no need for school supplies, but picked up some notebooks, pens, sticky notes, and pencils to feel more "official" and help the math study along.

 Wow, the election is finally over. It was addicting sitting with my friend and fiance watching it Tuesday night as it clicked up and down on the website while we watched some TV shows. I didn't really want either to win but I suppose - or hope - that Obama may be the lesser of two evils. We shall see I guess.

I spent an amazing weekend with my soon these past few days. We had fun and he's ultra excited about Black Ops 2 coming out Tuesday. We've had it on pre-order for months and got the poster hanging above his bed. Irritated at the Xbox as it can destroy games too easily, so we'll be sure to back it up as much as we can before really playing it. >:(   We had to build a wooden car as a science project this weekend. That was nothing short of a pain.


Again I didn't get to read as much as I'd have liked to, but did get a few things finished. Reviews will be up shortly. I'm relieved I finished my Goodreads goal of reaching 100 books read for the year, all the rest are just bonuses.

  • Real Men Don't Eat Quiche by Bruce Feirsten
  • Drawing Blood by Richard Finney
  • Goblins Attack (Spiderwick Chronicles, Part 2, Book 1)
  • Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews

Currently Reading:
  • Fear Trembling: Rise & Shine by Robert Bloch (Anthology)
  • The Hollows Insider by Kim Harrison
About to Start:

  • Into the Woods by Kim Harrison
  • Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich
  • Red Rain by RL Stine
  • High School Bites by Heather Brewer
  • Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
  • Grave Memory by Kalayna Price
  • Embrace the Night by Karen Chance

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