The Weekend Was Murder by Joan Lowery Nixon

(Mary Elizabeth, #2)

Mary Elizabeth can't wait for the weekend to begin at the Ridley Hotel, where a famous mystery writer and a troupe of actors are coming to enact a murder mystery for 150 amateur sleuths.

   Mary Elizabeth's role is to discover "the body" in Room1927, which is supposed to be haunted. But nothing prepares her for the real body that she finds in Room 1927....

Cute but mediocre sometimes. It's funny because I wasn't aware this was a young adult until I received it. Figured that out fast when I started reading it.

The mystery isn't much of a one, but the idea of the mystery weekend was a fun touch and you can't help but like the heroine's clumsy personality. Her mom on the phone could grow cheesy sometimes. Other characters were fine and I was surprised to find a ghost thrown into the mix, even if it's done briefly. The famous author was interesting and also cleverly humorous. The cast was laughable and this turned out to be a young adult - mystery that leaned heavily on comedy and cutesy situations.

A mystery was there but the heroine doesn't really solve it, so it turns out to be more of a book where a crime took place and we just find out the ending due to other events taking place.

Nixon keeps the writing easy in flow and wording since it's geared toward younger audiences. Suspense is realistic but that's not what the book is aiming for. It's an enjoyable experience but nothing too exciting, and although the characters are likeable enough, they didn't leave lasting impressions. 

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