Tune-In Tuesdays: The Little Drummer Boy

A Weekly Meme from GReads
Since music is one of the main things in my life outside of books, I jumped on the bandwagon for this fun meme.

Since it's the end of the year, we all know what that means - CHRISTMAS TIME! I'm sure you're already annoyed hearing all the tunes take over the radio stations and department stores, but I have a soft spot for certain Christmas pieces. There really are some great ones out there. Some of the religious pieces especially sum up a sense of peace and divinity for the winter season. Allow me to indulge in showcasing some of my favorites. Also, be sure to check out the Halloween ones I did in the past as that was great fun as well.

  The Little Drummer Boy

I LOVE this song. It's fun, but also beautiful. Certainly different enough to get stuck in your head also - why is it Christmas music has such a knack for that anyway? It's not a song you can easily forget once hearing.

I love the version from Bob Segar. His voice is amazing anyway but he really gives it his all here. It's a rockish version which surprisingly works. His voice still keeps that amazing surreal aspect to mix it all together into a powerful piece.

 I also love the version of this song is from Harry Simeone Choir. With the background vocalists, vocalists and instrumentals used = perfection.

My 8Tracks Compilations to Share

Also be sure to check out my 8Tracks mixes of Christmas collections. The top two are traditional Christmas music that I like. The Superhero one is old radio clips Christmas Specials from the album, and the last is a demented Christmas version from Metal songs and do-overs, and includes some Tales from the Cryptkeeper Christmas album.: