Book World Weekend: December 21

I wanted something that showcased the happenings around book blogs and sites by week, special events in the reading community, a location to display stunning bookstores, libraries, and others. Basically anything to do with the wonderfully huge world of books. Can be posted anytime on the weekend, Friday - Saturday - or Sunday.  Feel free to grab the button and join me!


Bookish-World Places

Okay, wow. This time around this part will  be all about my love for the coolness that is Brentwood Library in Brentwood, TN. 

This door entrance to the children's section is just ONE part of their greatness. Apparently kids are  greeted by a talking, motorized owl too. I really wish this library was part of my hometown with greatness like that.

It's so awesome in fact that it has been named as one of the Top 10 Children’s Libraries by

They hold four Preschool study times every week, an after school service for children Kindergarten to second grade, and a monthly book club for older elementary  grades.

Of course, they have other library events as well.

More pictures I found of this charming, quaint place that truly embraces the magical world of books:

Happily Ever After is a dream we all embrace and the epitome of children's stories and fairy tales.

Long live the fairy tale!

Once upon a time, for it all  has to begin somewhere. How many great entrances can one children's library have??

This is the main entrance off to the side. The tree is deliciously creative and awesome. Love how it's climbing around the books.

Reading on the book bench. Looks like a fun place to read, right?

Again I wish right now I lived in Brentwood, TN!

Bookish-World on the Web

 It's the end of the year, and it's all about the good stuff - reading challenges.  Have you already picked yours up and out for the upcoming year? Are you a host who is waiting until January officially starts to post yours?

Check out the Challenges I joined for this year, too many to list here. Still waiting on a few.

Author Ilona Andrews (Of the Kate Daniels series) has released details and sign-up for a great giveaway. Ten signed copies of Magic Bites! Easy as pie to enter, just leave a comment in the contest. 

Bookish-World Creativity

100th Anniversary Reading Statue made for  the Coshocton Public Library. Impressive.

Beautiful statue display in front of Carnegie Public Library