Gothic Reading Challenge 2013

I hadn't been planning on hosting my own challenge yet, but since I'm in a mega Gothic mood and got a major haul of them to read recently and I couldn't find the perfect one already hosted, figured this would be my chance to have some fun and make one. Hope you'll join in!


Any book considered "Gothic" - examples include the 60's and 70's Mystery Suspense Romance like Barbara Michaels, Victoria Holt, Beverly C. Warren, books like VC Andrews, Dracula, Frankenstein, Victorian Age Suspense and Horror or Drama, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. If it's Gothic, it counts!

Please look HERE for a list of all the elements in a Gothic Novel.

I wanted to keep this one super simple, but most of all FUN. Re-reads are allowed. Cross challenges allowed. Story in any form (Book, eBook, graphic novel).  Anthologies of short stories are allowed.

Setting Four Challenge Levels:

1-7:     A Dark and Stormy Night
8-14:   A Wicked Web
15-21: Booked By Betrayal
22-28: The Crumbling Castle