MM: December 17th

Okay, so technically I'm publishing this on Tuesday morning. I had a few things I wanted to finish on it first. I suppose as long as it's in the time-frame it's passable :)

It's been a huge week for books. In the mail my friend sent me a few, and then Melissa and I went on a yard sale spree Saturday morning. We stumbled upon many sales, a lot of them having books. We then went to a Church  yard sale, which was giving away everything for free, including books! Then I went and really went overboard at the Book Bazaar (more on that below). The most exciting find to me is at the end.

Through The Mail

I used to have Galilee and Sacrament as a teenager. I never read the two though and apparently something happened to them over the years. Going to give it a go soon with these two, and then when I get the first of Imajica I can attempt this series. The Angel of Darkness is the second book in a series, The Alienist being the first (which I already have)

Galilee seems almost like a family saga waiting to be read, while Sacrament and Imajica are more fantasy orientated from the blurb.

Goodreads Links:

Mysteries Addiction

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to the Book Bazaar was because I was itching for some new mysteries, especially the witchy themes I've had on my wishlist. All of these were bought at the Book Bazaar except for the hard cover, Shoot The Piper. That one I found at the church sale.

I found four Agatha Christies to get, all low in price. I recognized The Mysterious Affair at Styles from her biography as one of her first books published (might be the first one) I want to collect all the Hercule Poirot books so the others were an immediate given. Mystery of the Blue Train, Murder with Mirrors, The Mysterious Affair at Styles,

A Charmed Death and Hex Marks the Spot are the first two books in a series, and It Takes a Witch is the first in another series. Can't WAIT to read them. Wish I didn't have such a backlog in front of these!

The Casey Daniels reads on the blurb a lot like an Urban fantasy to me. It says mystery on the book but the plot sounds like a mixture of both and apparently there are at least 7 of these now published. I grabbed the first and fifth (the fifth was an accident, though it was the second!) Don of the Dead (Pepper Martin #1),  and Dead Man Talking (Pepper Martin #5)

Everybody Loved Roger Harden , Shoot The Piper

Romance Overkill

I don't need any more romances, but these were all from the garage sale and a big majority free. Couldn't pass them up. Was happy to have found three Nora Roberts, and the two Judith Michaels were attached as a series.

Random Genre Coolness

 Found some stuff here I had to snatch up - One of the biggest one to me being Tea-Time Recipes. Not only is it filled with recipes, but each section is divided by the country and how it relates to tea. Being a tea addict this is a must have. It was a treat to find a few classics too - The Martian Chronicles, Don't have the first two yet but Children Of Dune (Dune, #3), and The Picture of Dorian Gray Fourth Horseman is a non fiction intrigue talking about different plagues and pesticides, their history, and how they changed the world forever ( in negative AND positive ways.) A Cavern of Black Ice is the first book in the fantasy series Sword of Shadows. 

I don't care for the Twilight movies but did find all three books in mint shape and matching theme for three dollars total. Since I haven't read the books will give a shot. 
 I read and owned Secrets of the Morning and Twilight's Child years ago but want to re-read a couple of the older VC Andrews series so grab them when I see them. Got the third Harry Potter (need the second still) This Scarlet Letter is in horrible shape and was free. Won't keep this one after reading, yech. Two new paranormal romances to me, A Beverly Cleary childrens book that should prove to be a lot of fun, and another classic, Death of a Salesman.


I adore Gothic books like this, but they have eluded me for a long time. Every time I check the used bookstore I can't find the section for them. It's hard to find many of them online to purchase together at a good price (trust me, I've looked.) I look every time I go to a bookstore, and this time I actually hit the goldmine of Gothic Fiction at the book bazaar. I'm ecstatic!

First, bought up a whole bunch of Victoria Holt, a leading author in this genre:

I'm definitely keeping all these. They're hard to find (for me anyway) and I absolutely adore this genre. I've read Beverly Warren and all of Barbara Michaels but haven't read Victoria Holt --- yet. :)

 I'm such a dork, but I'm fascinated by these covers. Love the castles and vintage goth look of the heroines.  Two from Susan Howatch, four from Lee Karr, one from Jean Innes, and the other three from Sharon Wagner, Patricia Warner, and Vivien Fiske Wake. Surprisingly I didn't grab up more Beverly Warren - I meant to and think this was an oversight on my part :( Hope I will enjoy these other authors as much as I enjoy her work.

My friend who sent me the box above? Her SO was sweet enough to draw me an adorable Christmas picture telling me to enjoy the books. I think it's the first book themed drawing I've received. My aunt also gave me a new reading book light - which I desperately needed. All in all an excellent book filled week.

For Christmas bought my son the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, which arrived this week (no picture of that one, it's wrapped snugly under the tree.)

What did you get this week?