MM: December 3

Welcome to another Mailbox Monday - I'm happy being able to do one, since I only get to when I get new BOOKS. Being the book junkie I am, except for my wallet, that usually can't be a bad thing.

I was pleasantly surprised to have a bundle of books fall into my lap for free last week. My fiances work had been running a charity table where they've been selling books for the American Heart Society for a few months now. They now have decided to end the sale, and just gave my fiance the rest of the books for free to give to me!

There's some real goodies in the bundle too!

Charity Books - Free!

I had almost bought Island of the Blue Dolphins a few weeks ago but held back. It's another classic (sort-of) I need to read. I THINK I read it when I was younger, or else just had it, not sure. Silent Mercy and Most Likely to die seem like intriguing thrillers, and The Next Queen of Heaven seems to be a comedy almost of sorts. Lord of  the Dance is a romance.

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I used to own some JD Robb Books but I read one later in the series and didn't care for it so traded them away. Always was curious about the first and how the series started, so happy to get Naked Death. Red Blooded Murder and The Darkness look to be fun mysteries. From Fields of Gold is a romance type (looks so serious from the cover!). The romantic suspense turned out to be one I already owned.

Follow the links for the synopsis on Goodreads

Book Bizarre

Since I've been on a Harlequin kick and really loved the Lynne Graham book I read, I sought out more of her stuff by taking a trip to the local used bookstore. I love this place and worry about it shutting down due to ebook sales! I took a few phone pics and will put those up later in a Vacation- Leave the house feature.

While there I finally picked up the last book I need to finish my print copies of the Chronicles of Narnia series. Been needing to read it this month for end of year and Winter challenge. I also picked up the next book in the Cirque Du Freak Series - Yay! Been wanting the next book for awhile now. 

Everytime I look for A Game of Thrones, it's always gone because of its popularity. I found it this time because it was in the back and hadn't been stored yet. Gave it to my fiance to read, he loves the show :)

Also couldn't resist picking up another back of 50 romance trades for $5.00. These are always a treat because it's like a gift. Typically in stapled brown bags, she put one together for me and threw in three extra for good measure :) I was happy to see two early Harlequin Nora Roberts in there!

I won't list all the 53 from the bag! 

From Lynne Graham:

 Non-Romance binge:

 Free E-Books

 (Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance)