NARNIA WEEK: The Horse and the Boy

Almost to the end finally! The Horse and His Boy has some of the better artwork of the series I've seen so far.

 Two horse focuses! Love the first one, the blue, dominated by a huge cloud, and the animated cartoonish expression on the girl and the horse. The second is more artsy in a classy way with a clever border. It's a hard call but I find the first of the two to be more enduring.

The first is lovely with it's colors, but plain with the imagination. The second is stunning with the colors but could use more creative props. Both could be less...well, lazy. I'd have to go with the first for its cheerfulness as the winner if choosing between these two.

 The first of the two is the cover I have for my version and I personally love it. The lion is very expressive and it reminds me of a childlike painting that makes the imagination stir. The second beams with gold and the small telltale lion at the bottom, but I think it blends together a little too well. The first is my favorite.
 Both appear to be children illustration types, and the second wins it. Brighter colors, a mini painting, awesome details with the lions, bright colors.

The first is a bit average. The second is a well done pencil drawing type and the one I'd have to go with for this two-paired group.

Personal Favorite Overall : 3rd Batch, 1st Book