NARNIA WEEK: The Last Battle

Finally the last batch of the covers. Ending with a flourish.

 It's hard to go wrong with a unicorn. The first is the winner with this bizarre, almost deranged looking one. And are those fire flames in the background?? The second is cute but too plain.

 I don't care much for either of these two. The second is too all over the place and not sure of the texture they were going for. Could have done more with the Unicorn too, but that'd have to be the winner of the two.

 Love the first one - they're looking through a doorway of sorts, the almost pencil type colors rock. The second is imaginative for sure but doesn't do as much for me.

WOW. This first one is so colorful and gorgeous. You have the sky of red and the doorway of inspiring colors. Lovely. There is something haunting about that unicorn with the bloody horn, though. Both are great. I think I'd have to go with the first for the winner, but it's a tough call.

Overall Personal Favorite: Last Batch, 1st Book