NARNIA WEEK: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Covers

It's December 17th, and the first day of the Narnia Week.

The first book I will be covering and reading is The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I decided to read it in the publication order, not the chronicle one. Read more about that HERE.

I'm sure many of you are as fascinated by different book covers as I am. Thought it would be a good idea as each day covers a different book to showcase some of the beautiful covers from different versions.

The first cover with the faun is the one I have. I like this one and have several of this published series, which will be shown in the other Narnia days. It's a wide and spacey book with decent illustrations woven throughout. The second one is just average to me - speaks more of the movie version and is a close up of Aslan's face. Lions being in the front of the cover seem a common theme.

I really adore the first cover of these two! It's clearly orientated toward a childrens edition. The focus on winter and the witch and Edmund are well drawn. The second I also love. It may be my favorite of all the covers. Mystical and dreamy with plenty of creativity thrown in.

The first is cute and looks like a smaller childrens storybook to me. I'm guessing this is geared more toward a younger audience as well. Could believe it would have a hardcover on it. The second is cool in a way - I have another from this series. But the faces are pretty expressionless and while I like the art style for the woods, think more detail could have been drawn in.

The first of the two is cute, colorful, and playful, capturing the sweet times with Aslan and Lucy and Susan. I like the simplicity and well done pencil type artwork. The second, take from the movie, is beautiful as well. Leaving the back of the girls head while looking into the wardrobe makes the cover seem almost magical and mysterious.

Eh on the first. I love how the lamp post and a little Lucy is displayed. Also dig the winter scene like a painting and the castle in the background. The characters are clearly from the movie though and it reminds me too much of a poster. The second is pretty awesome - Aslan in the battle scene with the white witch. It was captured well and adds a sense of high adventure and intrigue if you don't know the story. Also the art details are pretty impressive.

The first one is okay. It's young and like a painting to me as well, during a particularly sad moment with Aslan, Susan and Lucy. I like the details of girls in the image, it's how I picture them to look. Aslan is made to look almost cartoonish. The second is  lot of fun with the colors as well, highlighting the spring and that winter has ended, capturing one of the more fun,  joyous moments of the book.

I really dig the first. They captured the moment perfectly with high quality art. It reminds you of being young and have fun. The second plays up the gold colors and does it well with a talented touch of art. Makes the book look playful yet serious at the same time.

I LOVE the first of these. You have the lamp post shining as a beacon as the wardrobe is clearly parted. Edmund is captured looking pranky and mischievous from the scene. For some reason one of my favorites. The last is stunning also,  very classy and stylish, looking sophisticated. Love the peeping hole into the winter storm.