NARNIA WEEK: The Magician's Nephew

These also had some of the best covers. Hard to choose a favorite from this group!

The first is stunning - with the  woody background and the rings over the silhoutte, brings a focus on the imagination of the story. The second is my favorite of the two though, beautiful and almost creepy surreal picture of the woman in the frame. Haunting and captures the attention instantly.

 What playful covers - The first is the fun of childhood and the stuff of legends, while the second stuns with beautiful colors and a more, peaceful subdued image. Hard to figure on my favorite of the two, but I think I'll go (by a smidge) with the palette of the first.

The apple is simple and not very imaginative a prop; however, the way it's colored and hanging in the midst of the trees is simply awesome. Sometimes less really can be more. The second is the cover I have, with the boy looking up the tree. I prefer the first with this one, there's something clever about its simplicity.

I do like the childlike animated drawings of this series, but the first just blends in too much to leave an impression. The second is slightly better while it pictures a bizarre scene. These two are my least favorite of the groups.

 Both of these are lovely - the first is a piece of art with many details, a lush scenery, and the lion standing on the cliff overlooking everything. The second is an imaginative detailing that shouts fantasy, creativity, and the lure of childhood. I think the second is my preferred.

Personal Favorite Overall: 1st Batch, 2nd Book - There's something mesmerizing about the witch!