NARNIA WEEK: Prince Caspian Covers

Continuing on to the second day of Narnia week, here's the Prince Caspian covers I was able to find. Which is your favorite?

The first book has clever art and I kind of like it. It's almost like an image that would be in the middle of a children's book. The second is creative enough as well, both clearly showcasing battle. Those weird horn things always baffled me.

 The first is pretty boring I think. Again illustrating battle. They could have done much more with this one. The second though? Awesome. Love the woods, the black part at the top with the way they incorporated the title in, and the picture of the majestic man riding the horse through the wilderness.

The first has a square surrounding stunning artwork with much detail and attention. Great. The second isn't my thing as it's like a poster and I hate when books take on their movie covers. Yucky. 

Not the most incredible detail in the world but the first, I love. It's colorful and bright, and I dig this kind of style for this type of older young adult fairy tale novel. Well done. The second is the cover I have (sigh). I don't like movie covers much, but this is better than the one above it at least.

 I still stand by the opinion that a simple sword on the cover is boring and taking the easy way out. They did a good job with this one though, as much as they could with such a simple premise. The coloring and the way the sword is against the tree makes it catch the eye well enough. The second is very youngish and I could see it be a "younger version" of the story. Dig the colors and type of artwork style employed.

I really dig the first one - think it's my favorite! Lovely blue and the solid way the title and top of the book cover overwraps a cool looking scene. The horse almost looks ghostly, doesn't it? The second ....well, I didn't mean to repeat this and put it in here but too late now and I don't feel like undoing the graphic *facepalm*

Personal Favorite - The Blue Horse caught in the thorns