NARNIA WEEK: Silver Chair Covers

The silver chair - no surprise - does have a large amount of covers with "chairs"  Others have interesting battle imagery, which I think employs the imagination more from the artist.

The first is rather bland - a chair and it being hit. But, it does go with the story and I dig the colors. The second beats it, however, with it's stunning shades of green, the lion and trellis border, and the imaginative and almost ghostly display with the boy battling the snake. Cool.

 I don't care for either of these two really. Snakes are creepy but they could have done a lot more with this, keeping it too simple and not imaginative. The chair one is just okay but disjointed, I prefer the chair one above.
 Both of these are clever. Love how the snake is displayed popping out with the open mouth from the chair. The empty throne chair summarizes a lot about the series. The second is a colorful play on blue. I guess it's a cave? I prefer the first.

 It's not too detailed but isn't this horse and the rider amazing looking? Almost like from an RPG game. Foggy and beautiful. The second is like a creative drawing from a storybook. Amazing detail. They're both incredible and it's hard to choose a favorite from the two. I think I'll have to go with the dark horse as it keeps drawing my eye back to hypnotize.

Both these have the snake creature. The first has that appealing frame again and the scene is high fantasy with beautiful details. The second, being more whimsical and childlike, captures the eye. I think I'd have to pick the second as my favorite, even though it was a close draw between these two.

Personal Favorite - The HORSE!!