Sunday Salon : December 2nd

Hope everyone is having a great week and Sunday so far. I had a pretty good week and hope the next one is even more productive than this last one. Attended a new church this morning for the second time and enjoyed it more this time around than the time previous. Also been busy with starting to listening to Christmas music to bring in the new season.

Didn't do much this week other than lunch with aunt, some reading, cleaning, and a bit of blog work. Like I said, hope next week is more productive! My friend came over Tuesday night and we ordered some new tea samples from Harney and Sons, can't wait for those to get here.

I also went and visited the local used bookstore. It has been around for so long and is one of my favorite things about the town. It's huge and lovely. Unfortunately their sales aren't good, she sales ebooks are really hurting them, so I hope they stay around!! I would hate not to have a place to go and be surrounded by walls of book and buy books in person.

I took some pictures on my camera phone and will slap them up soon.

Still need to do a LOT of Christmas shopping, but picked out some stocking stuffer stuff, put up the tree, and bought some wrapping paper, cards, and some hooks for more ornaments. I'd put a picture of the tree up but I'm not done decorating it yet.

I want to do something fun blog wise for Christmas but not sure what yet. Will probably look around for "ideas" :D

If you're interested, here is a Christmas meme and list I did years ago:
 10 Things/Memories I love about Christmas

I need to start making the blog all Christmas-y like I did for Halloween. I need to do the same for the facebook page. It's still in Halloween mode! *facepalm*


I've done a decent amount of blog posts and Goodreads work, and visited a bookstore, but haven't FINISHED too many this week. Instead I keep reading amongst a few anthologies still.

Finally I did finish:

 Currently Reading:

Since it's December I have a lot of books to do this month.

To finish up the Chronicles of Narnia Challenge, and since it's winter, I'm now finally ready to read the Chronicles of Narnia series for the month and get that completed. I picked up the last print copy I need at the bookstore this week.

The books are:

Also I want to read one more book, Allison Hewitt is trapped by Madeleine Roux, for my last book for the zombie challenge.

In addition, I want to read a Charles Dickens book for the Dickens December Christmas Reading Event. I think I'll probably pick Great Expectations

I have a lot of new Harlequins I want to read too. I will cover them in tomorrow's Mailbox Monday post, which will be a pretty huge one.

 Site Progress

Since I didn't participate in any weekly events the week before really, I wanted to make sure to do all of them this week.

Did one measly book review: Lord of the Dead by Tom Holland