Tune-In Tuesdays: Merry Christmas!

A Weekly Meme from GReads
Since music is one of the main things in my life outside of books, I jumped on the bandwagon for this fun meme.

Since it's the end of the year, we all know what that means - CHRISTMAS TIME! I'm sure you're already annoyed hearing all the tunes take over the radio stations and department stores, but I have a soft spot for certain Christmas pieces. There really are some great ones out there. Some of the religious pieces especially sum up a sense of peace and divinity for the winter season. Allow me to indulge in showcasing some of my favorites. Also, be sure to check out the Halloween ones I did in the past as that was great fun as well.

   It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It was hard to figure out the perfect one of the Christmas Tune-In Tuesdays to feature for actual Christmas Day. It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year by Andy Williams came out at the top as a rich celebration of actual Christmas Day.