Vacation Feature: Book Bazaar Local (Used Bookstore)

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Feature where I post about random places I've been which focuses on places with books, conventions, and other random odds and ends with oodles of pictures, misc. madness, and fun (for me anyway!)

The Book Bazaar in Lakeland has existed as long as I can remember. I think it's been around for almost thirty years and is family owned. The sign on the outside boasts over 350,000 books. The store is on it's own little stretch of property.

My camera can't take good pictures of the layout because once you're in, you just see shelves everywhere. The best place to describe the place is a poorly done illustration by me.

And clearly my picture drawing sucks, but this is the basic layout I think:

I LOVE this store - the name does it justice: 


Ordinary looking outside, it's the inside that blows me away and makes me feel at home:

This is the main room (it's broken up into a few, but I can't take it right with my camera). The main room shows bookshelves toward the back 9 in the center aisles each side (18 total), the entire back wall on four sides filled.

This is in the back and is the worker area where they receive new books for pricing and packaging.  When I have questions I always find the owner or another worker back here and bug them :)

They have ALL Sorts of books - just taking a picture to show retro memories here - All the Sweet Valley Highs, Babysitter Clubs, etc. Bring back fun memories?

Random Shot...

Taken with cell phone camera - ugh. This is when you enter the door from the main room. There's a bench to sit in the middle. Love this thing for some reason. The picture doesn't do it justice. This section has non fiction, biographies, self help, religious, etc.

Again with Cell Phone Camera - this is the third room and it houses just romance, Science Fiction and Paranormal romance. This is just one shelf row, there's several.

Another Angle of the Romance Room

More random shots around the store: